When I first started a home page, back in 1995, it was interesting to have a personal home page. Now so many people are on the web, using so many different avenues, that it is commonplace and no longer interesting. So, I have decided to have just a minimal web presence and have deleted all of my content about Alaska, adventure, diving, travel, scooters, Jeeps, left-handedness, philosophy and other such stuff.

This page now just serves as a mechanism for people who know me to contact me. Just send me e-mail to the address in the photo. Cheers! If you’re looking for technical writing, website or other IT services for which my skills may be helpful, check out my abbreviated resume or my entry on LinkedIn.

Please note that any “Sean Weems” on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, or anywhere else is NOT me. All my stuff is right here. Yes, really.

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